Lest you have come to believe that you are alone…

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Lest you thought you were alone.

4% to 15% of humans hear voices regularly.

Even the low end of that range is a lot of people hearing voices you don’t right now.

Three-in-four of us will have at least one period in our lives when we hear a voice no one else hears – often around significant life events, like loss of a loved one.

Most who do are just fine and even regard it as somehow helpul. Some of those weren’t but learned how to be ok.

If you hear voices then know that you are in good company. Many great people, artists, writers, musicians, scientists, even world leaders did do.

Some people, of course, do struggle and some do so greatly.

Maybe that’s in some part because the story we tell each other and ourselves is that there is something wrong with them, and that they are the only ones.

The hardest thing for people who hear voices is how we get treated by those who don’t

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