It’s not about health, its not very caring and it’s not a system.






Alex Jadad:

“The fact is that the stystem is unsustainable as it is.

Even if we’re comfortable, that level of comfort is dangerous
because it could end up consuming everything that we have
and yet not satisfy our needs.
So we need to do something and pronto.

A sense of urgency
is an extremely important thing to develop
especially in areas, as Ontario, where we are already facing some financial challenges.

[Piya Chattopadhyay]     “We seem to be inert” 

“Well we seem more paralyzed, 
and apathetic, or petrified, than anything else.

Change is difficult.
And for a system as big as the one we call “heathcare system”…

It’s not a system , by the way:
Its a bunch of pieces
that don’t work together.
I dont know what is the best term to call it.

Its not about heath
Its not very caring
and its not a system.

Well said, Alex Jadad.

More money
for more of the same
will never be enough.
We need change,
we need different.


Alex Jadad: Promoting Change
TVO The Agenda .




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