Do Something. This is an emergency.

Street Nurse Roxie Danielson RN speaking at vigil for Toronto homelsss woman struck and killed by garbage truck in the early hours while sleeping in a grid in the heart of Toronto’s financial district.

Three people without homes and living on Toronto streets died in one week.

Declaring an emergency will enable officials to additional resources,  but of course it might make it look like city hierachy are not in control of the situation.

Dear Toronto,
Letting people die on your streets already looks pretty bad on you.
Letting people die on the richest streets in the country makes it look pretty bad on you to, Canada.
Do Something.

Homelessness can happen to anyone.

It happens disproportionately to people who have already been marginalised and discarded by this society – us –  for any or many of the multitude of excuses we use to justify doing that. We do it to people we regard as not like us, for reasons of  ethnicity, race, gender, poverty, ill-health and especially to those who have already experienced enough hostility since they were young.

Two people each week…
City of Toronto’s  official website reoprts deaths of people experiencig homelessness. People experiencing homelessness live on average 20 to 30 years younger. Die from causes related from living outdoors or in indequate shelter and inaboity to acckess healthcare.
For some time now two people die each week, with peaks in the heat of summer and cold of winter.

Do Something.
This is an Emergency.

Do something.
Demand your elected officials so something.
Do it now.

Do Something.
Demand Toronto declares the emergency.
Do it now.

Do Something.
Demand Toronto Mayor John Tory declares the emergency.
Tweet him.

John Tory: you’re a decent man, do the decent thing.
Do Something.
This is an emergency.
Declare it.
Do it Now.

News Report from Global News, including short Video from which this is taken…



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