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Dear Doctor – MC Fubb

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The sun was beginning to bear down on the earth… Albert Camus

Heat makes life even more difficult for those who have been estranged from our society- made ousiders by politics, economics and more than a smidgeon of good old not giving a fuck about those we see as not like us. … Continue reading

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Trauma is the effect left within us by our experience….

Dr Robert Scaer… “In Western medicine we incorrectly categorize trauma by the events that happen when, in fact, it is the effect left within us by our experience. “ As he introduces himself here, “humble country traumatologist from Colorado” who, … Continue reading

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I’ve learned we are never too small to make a difference – Greta Thunberg

My name is Greta Thunberg. I am 15 years old. I am from Sweden. I speak on behalf of Climate Justice Now. Many people say that Sweden is just a small country and it doesn’t matter what we do. But … Continue reading

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I want you to act

I don’t want your hope. I don’t want you to be hopeful. I want you to panic. I want you to feel the fear I feel every day. I want you to act. I want you to act as you … Continue reading

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Illness? or Dangerous Gifts? Sascha Altman DeBrul

To label a state of being as “extreme” is  to pass judgement and to seek to box the unboxable, impose some prefered state order upon necessary chaos ? So who gets to judge if what you experience is “extreme” ? … Continue reading

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Scorchio!!! Make Your Own $20 AC Unit

Toronto’s Public Health decided they can no longer be arsed to issue hot weather Alerts, so here’s one: ITS GONNA BE  FUCKING HOT OUT THERE !!! And, since Tronto Public Health also decided it cant be arsed to offer cooling … Continue reading

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Hearing Voices Workshop #1 Accepting Voices – Thu 28th November 2019

This introductory and foundational workshop will open doors of understanding, in non-dignostic non-categorising ways, a  range of experiences that get called “psychosis” like difficult to hear voices. Ihis workshop isdesigned especially for those who work in health and social services … Continue reading

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Resistance is Resilience: Resilience is Resistance

Article I first drafted two years ago now, published today in Canadian Journal of Disabilities Studies, Vol 8, Iss 4, Survivals, Ruptures, Resiliences. This is my first artile published in a peer reviewed journal, so: Whoohoo! Big up from my … Continue reading

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