Illness? or Dangerous Gifts? Sascha Altman DeBrul

To label a state of being as “extreme” is  to pass judgement and to seek to box the unboxable, impose some prefered state order upon necessary chaos ?

So who gets to judge if what you experience is “extreme” ?
Who gets to name it?

What does it mean?
Not much really.
A diagnosis like any other ? Just more [subtly] imposed bollox” ? yet more of the latest “right thing to say”?

One person’s “extreme” is anothers’ mundane, ordinary, every day.
Extreme is relative to the observers limit of ability to accept chaos- especilly chaos in another.
Extreme is as much socially determined as any other categorical limit.

Extreme i simply what we have yet learned to accept occurs and accept that we can learn to be ok with.
Extreme today, difficult , useful or even tedious tomorrow.

Does “extreme” exerience it arise by itself or as response, in relation with extreme environment? threat to life? self  existence? being?

“Extreme states” certainly do exist – not so much in individual humans as in groups, societies, countries and run by extreme, hate filled politicians.
And they do seem to be on the rise right now.

Difficult experiences are part of life, what if we can learn to be ok midst even the most difficult?

What can we learn with and from each other about many ways we might do that ?

How do we create supports that enable learning, and sharing what we learned?

Who gets to choose how we do that and who gets to choose what we put in our bodies as part of how we do that?

Sascha Altman de Brul in Manchester as part of his punk world tour of UK, here shares and reflects from a different perspective – “illness” or “dangerous gifts”?

What’s more useful  as way of framing undestanding and living a life:
for you?

Vid by Andew Baxter…

<p><a href=”″>Extreme Experiences: Personal &amp; Collective Visions of Transformation</a> from <a href=””>IDHA-NYC</a&gt; on <a href=””>Vimeo</a&gt;.</p>

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