The sun was beginning to bear down on the earth… Albert Camus

Heat makes life even more difficult for those who have been estranged from our society- made ousiders by politics, economics and more than a smidgeon of good old not giving a fuck about those we see as not like us.

Seems we don’t just blame folks who find themselves struggling, we punish them.

TVO on how response from Cities across Ontario is just inadequate.

How Soaring Temperatures Are Affecting Ontario’s Homeless

“Inhuman and oppressive.”
Albert Camus


it was hot2

The sky was already
filled with light.

The sun was beginning
to bear down on the earth.

And it was getting hotter
by the minute.

It was Hot.

But today
with the sun bearing down
making the whole landscape
shimmer with heat
it was inhuman
and oppressive.

Albert Camus

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