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NOT COOL: Toronto’s heat-relief network not enough…

Article from Samantha McCabe at Globe & MAil on how City of Toronoo’s latest approach to offereing refuge from heat falls short. Experienced RNs and Street Nurses Roxie Danielson, Cathy Crow, Joyce Rankin speak to how it impacts health and … Continue reading

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Why Mass Murderers May Not Be Very Different From You Or Me

Opinion piece by Richard A Friedman in NYT, 8 Aug 2019. The current [and for some while] habit of dismissing mass murders as acts of “mentally ill monsters” has no basis in anything but unthinkin predjudice and habitual hatred – … Continue reading

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Robert Scaer – New Traumatology and the Trauma Spectrum

Trauma is not what happened in the past but it is about how we experience what happens now. How we experience this moment is shaped by how we experienced every moment we experienced before this one. If we experience event … Continue reading

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Imagine living in a country in which….

When even The Telegraph calls it domestic terrorism then … Imagine living in a country where even going to the mall means you could get shot for the colour of your skin, religion, gender or… Then when you struggle and … Continue reading

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I still hear his voice – Joe Biden

Vice President Jo Biden talking with Stephen Colbert about the loss of his son, the grief, he experiences and how as part of that he still hears the voice of his son, and talks with him… In western culture we … Continue reading

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