I still hear his voice – Joe Biden

Vice President Jo Biden talking with Stephen Colbert about the loss of his son, the grief, he experiences and how as part of that he still hears the voice of his son, and talks with him…

In western culture we teach ourselves and each other to fear eacj other and to fear such  experiences, to call it “mental illness” and to seek “help”, to get treatment and to take the drugs. Especially if it lasts for more than two weeks.

And all of that is all just so much bollocks.

[Note- see Dr Arseblog’s irrefutable law of interminable bollocks for the evidence.]

Plainly, this culture is fucked [and in many more way than merely this] and is itself dying.

Meanwhile, many, many  cultures round the world have more grown up ways of understanding such human experiences

Most 0- three in four- of us will have at least one period in our lives when we hear a voice that no on eelse hears, often around key life events like the loss of a loved one.

And most people, when they do,  find it meaningful, even if, when they come to talk with others about it they, like Biden say it seems kinda odd to do so.

Well fuck that, eh?

Hearing voices is not an illness
it is a human experience.

Biden:     “I do what I think works…”

“Bo is still with me…”
“I  hear his voice”
“It’s a constant reassurance”
“and its a constant… push”

Colbert:  “And Do you talk back to him?”

Biden:     “I do, actually”
“I know it sounds….

[at about 19:00 mins]


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