Imagine living in a country in which….

When even The Telegraph calls it domestic terrorism then …

Imagine living in a country where even going to the mall means you could get shot for the colour of your skin, religion, gender or…

Then when you struggle and seek help you get told its because there is something wrong with you.

Surely, the very definition of living in a terrorist state, and services that do this are complicit in creating such a state.

The chart from, The Telegraph, shows how the average number of days between random mass shootings in US has been dropping, including a dramatic drop in the latest decade.

Article describing how us laws framed to enable FBI to surveill and track actors connected with foreign powers make it very difficult to track internal actors inspired by a incumbent to the office of president  who openly spouts his white supremacist ideology.

And how a intelligence services in focussing on foreign threat totally took their ey eof fteh ball on internal threat even as it grews and became the greater threat…



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