Robert Scaer – New Traumatology and the Trauma Spectrum

Trauma is not what happened in the past but it is about how we experience what happens now.

How we experience this moment is shaped by how we experienced every moment we experienced before this one.

If we experience event that threaten our safety in a state of helplennsess we can becom etraumatised- wounded. to b etraumatised – wounded- means we live our live fro mthis moment in a different body, different mind, different relationship with the world.
The ways in which this can affect us and our health are unlimited and challenge medical understanding and mdical diagnostic categorisation.

Resilience grows from adversity too, we will move through life with our own trauma burden and  resilience reportoir, some  combination of both that is unique to us, shaped by our unique experience of the world.

Trauma is not what happened, it is the wounds we carry from how we experience being in the world..
These wounds shape how and who we are in this moment. Wounds can heal, how do we learn to heal?
How do we learn to supoport each other in our healing?

“In western medicine we mistakenly categorise trauma by what happened
when in fact it is the effect left within us from our experience.”

Robert Scaer

In this conversation Robert Scaer talks about how he came to his understanding of how trauma works in the mind brain body continuum covered in his books.

Front CoverThe Body Bears The Burden 
Trauma, dissociation and disease.

Originally written for Doctors. In hope that some reading it might change their minds.

In the vid you’ll hear him talking about 1st edition -writen for medical professionals, 2nd edition  revised for ordinary folks [non doctors]. There is also now a 3rd Edition.


The Trauma Spectrum: Hidden Wounds and Human ResiliencyThe Trauma Spectrum
Hidden Wounds and Human Resiliency

– which as you’ll here he originally wanted to call:
“Trauma Tells The Tale: Understanding your life”

“because I felt by this time that trauma was ubiquitous. It was in effect, in all of us in some ways, that every body experiences phenomena in their lives and that it had a profound effect on all of their life’s choices.”


The New Traumatology and The trauma Spectrum |  Part 1

The New Traumatology and The trauma Spectrum |  Part 2

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