Crisis: Every two hours someone in Canada dies of Opioid Overdose

Why do people hear voices?

Three in four of all humans will at some point in their lives- often around distressing and overwhelming  life events.
It might be more informative to ask why do some people NOT hear voices?

Hearing voices is not the issue-that some people really struggle IS.

Why do some people struggle with difficult-to-hear voices?

For many who do struggle the voices we expect them to hold inside speak to the pain they also must hold inside because they can find no one willing or able to share in the burden of that pain.

Why do people take opioids?

To relieve the unbearable pain of living in a world that has cast them aside, condemns them and wants them to go away.

Why do so many people die of opioid overdose?

Because the supply of opioids is unreliable contaminated and poisoning and killing people whose only relief is the opioids they can buy on the streets. Sometimes, often,  people are buying other drugs but which have been loaded with cheap to make synthetic opioids.

What is harm reduction ?

Harm reduction is a broad approach that asks – how can we do less harm? It can be applied to anything, especially in healthcare and social services.

Harm reduction is bout reducing the harm caused by judging people for needing to use drugs to relieve the pain, offering safe supplies that help reduce infection, and deaths, to give people a chance to stay alive long enough to maybe one day find other answers.

Harm Reduction saves lives.

Recent report outlining harm reduction efforts in BC showing that harm reduction halves the number of deaths in some of the most vulnerable populations in our society.

Maybe its time to give a shit.


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