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Poverty is not a lack of character: it’s a lack of cash.

Excellent piece by Rutger Bregman at and illustrated with photos by Chow and Lin. and, bonus.. Scroll to the end for Rutger Bregman’s TED Talk Poverty isn’t a lack of character it’s a lack of cash How did “Toronto … Continue reading

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The path to success is a squiggle

Success- whatever that is, is not at the end of a predetermined linear path of must-do steps. It is much, much more to do with having made our own path to getting there- wherever that is we find ourselves in … Continue reading

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Mad Fer Movies – Film Series 2020

Mad fer Movies? Three movies – one each month for three months. Free screenings at UoT Robarts Library on St George. That’s the giant concrete Turkey-wot-didn’t-vote-for-you-know-what looking building. Media Commons, third floor. All welcome. Each screening will be followed by … Continue reading

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