Kevin & Dave Go to Montreal Goes Back to Sheffield…

Nah Den! Get yer Sheffield Shorts on for t’Sheffield Short Film Festival

At one point just about every human alive will hear a voice only they hear, each person and each voice have a story.

This is a story about Kevin Healey, a Toronto-based Hearing Voices Support Worker who personifies the voice he hears the most Dave Umbongo with a cool-looking puppet with sunglasses. Kevin & Dave visit Montreal for the World Hearing Voices Congress where they will hold a puppet-making workshop called Carnival des Voix (Carnival of Voices).

This documentary expands beyond imposed, limited and  downright dumb ideas of “normal”, farts in the face of orthodoxy and embraces other ways of perceiving the world, asserting our humanity in an increasingly dehumanizing world that we make for ourselves and each other- and which only we can disentangle.


Kevin & Dave Go to Montreal
A short movie made in collaboration with Michelle Melles, will go (back) to Sheffield
-which is a bit bonkers cos it’s where Kevin & Dave first met decades ago-
in October 2020 for its world Premiere as part of the official selection for the
Sheffield Short Film Festival…

Then back to the future it will go back to Montreal (again) for the
Montreal International Film Festival.

Like, literally: Woo!

Originally scheduled for May 2020, the Sheffield Film Festival was postponed because of  [bastard] Covid-19.

The festival will now be held online from Friday 30th October.

Dave travels by map, you can get thee sen there wi’ a couple  o’ wee clicks…

Here are some links to the Sheffield Short Film Festival .

Sheffield Shorts

Kevin and Dave go to Montreal
is part of the section :

Somebody to Love



Trailer for Sheffield Shorts Film Festival

[You can see Dave blip in n out at 1:43]

<p><a href=”″>Sheffield Short Film Festival 2020 Trailer!</a> from <a href=””>Sheffield Shorts</a> on <a href=””>Vimeo</a&gt;.</p>

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