American Psychosis- Chris Hedges

Experts appointed by those in power to be expert [those very same self-appointed experts] will tell you that the core diagnosis of “psychosis” is “disconnection with reality”. 

Putting aside that this notion is itself the ultimate limit of un-realness itself, to say nothing of being the very definition of utter bollox/bollix/bollocks…

Here Chris Hedges put some flesh on the bones of the famous Nietzsche aphorism that reminds us madness is something rare in individuals but the rule in societies, to offer his analysis of the madness of modern society in what he calls “American Psychosis”…

Hedges is American, but one who had opportunity to live outside is borders  for twenty years as “foreign correspondent” and to witness the patterns of how totalitarian regimes work…

and how (and how rapidly) they disintegrate and fall apart…

And now reflects that back upon American society…
and by extension broader global society of collective dissociation modelled for us / imposed upon us  shown by his home country and which are now aped around the world…

The totalitarian capitalism,  the madness that pervades through groupes, parties, peoples, corporations, countries, and continents of this age.

A madness he calls… 
American Psychosis.

“Madness is something rare in individuals
— but in groups, parties, peoples, and ages, it is the rule.”

– Nietzsche

American Psychosis – Chris Hedges

Video:  14:43mins

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