Tiger Is Coming – Leenalchi

범 내려온다 범이 내려온다
장림깊은 골로 대한 짐승이 내려온다
몸은 얼숭덜숭 꼬리는 잔뜩 한 발이 넘고
누에머리 흔들며
전동같은 앞다리
동아같은 뒷발로
양 귀 찌어지고
쇠낫같은 발톱으로 잔디뿌리 왕모래를
촤르르르르 흩치며
주홍 입 쩍 벌리고 워리렁 허는 소리
하늘이 무너지고 땅이 툭 꺼지난 듯
자래 정신없이 목을 움추리고
가만이 엎졌것다

A tiger is coming down, a tiger is coming.
A beast is coming down through the deep valley in the pine woods.

His body is freckled.
His tail is stuffed.
which is longer than a grown man’s fathom.

Making the high hills shiver,
his front leg is like a quiver,
his hind paw is like a jar,
Both ears are ripped ajar.
Brandishing his sickle claws,  ‘Charrrr!’ 
He splashes grass roots and pebbles.
Opening his crimson jaws, ‘Worirung!’  he rumbles.
Like the sky falls and the ground settles down,
The turtle hides his head and on the ground bows down.

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