Fifty Drugs, Fifty Self-Portraits | Bryan Lewis Saunders

In his remarkable personal research  project artist Bryan Lewis Saunders painted fifty self-portraits, each while under the influence of a different drugs, or drug combinations, a total of fifty paintings, drawings, sketches.

Some of the fifty drugs or drug combinations were doctor-prescribed, some over the counter, some street drugs and others readily available almost everyday substances. They are all just drugs. 

Humans like drugs, always have. Some umans get all moralistic about drugs and use their power to categorize drugs they don’t like as “bad”, and pass laws to make people who use them also as “bad” , so dehumanizing them, criminalizing them and marginalizing them.

Society places different values on different drugs, and on those who use them – that can change their power over us and the effect they have in us, and on our communities and societies.

Drugs have an effect on us, how we feel, how we see the world and our place in it.

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