Infinite Potential – The life and ideas of David Bohm

Einstein called David Bohm his ‘spiritual son’ and the Dalai Lama relied upon him as his “scientific guru”

I came across the work and ides of David Bohm when learning how to facilitate in dialogues: after having worked for ten years facilitating groups where the goal (and my role was to make easier) the building towards agreement – bringing groups together to work on identifying and framing problems and then problem solving together. whereas, in contrast, dialogue is not about agreeing, but about about learning, becoming and being to generate new understandings and new possibilities.

David Bohm was a quantum physicist who applied quantum theories to thought, and to being – he shared his ideas with the world at a time when the world was was not ready, He was regarded as too different, dangerous and was shunned and shunted to the margins.

It took decades to develop the kind of computing power required to demonstrate the validity of his ideas.

His ideas embrace the profound interconnectedness of the universe- including everything in it – including each of us, how we think, feel, and be, and consciousness, and everything else, and the interrelatedness of everything.

His books are a difficult but rewarding read, this movies is an introduction to his life and his ideas.

Trailer: (2:29 mins)

Full Movie : (1:11 hrs)

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