Want to “stop the stigma”? Then stop stigmatizing…

“Stigma” is not some mysterious thing.

“Stigma” is not “the problem”.
At least it would not be – could not exist – were it not for
acts of stigmatizing.

When we choose to objectify another we dehumanize them.
In doing so we dehumanize ourselves, too.

When those with more power use that power to objectify and dehumanize individuals and groups with less power – by putting their mark [stigma] upon them – then that is how stigma is created.

Stigma only exists when generated by one person’s – or group of persons’ – act(s) of stigmatizing another.

Psychiatric diagnosis is a prime example – an instantiative definition of stigmatizing.
There are plentiful other examples.

“Stop the stigma”  is the dumbest of dumbed down dumbass slogans

“Stop the stigma”
is like
“stop the cheese”.
and we cant stop stigma any more than we can stop cheese by saying, liking and sharing
“stop the cheese”.

We cant stop stigma.
We can only stop the act:
– acts of stigmatization
– acts of stigmatizing.

That “stigma”
Your mark:
That mark – the one you put on me – is not my mark.
Your mark:
That mark you put on me
and will always remain…

When we cease to put our mark [our stigma] onto others
and there will be no “stigma”.

Its not my stigma:
its yours.

you can
fuck your stigma.
Its not mine.
It’s yours to wear,
you wear it.

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