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Mad Fer Movies – Film Series 2020

Mad fer Movies? Three movies – one each month for three months. Free screenings at UoT Robarts Library on St George. That’s the giant concrete Turkey-wot-didn’t-vote-for-you-know-what looking building. Media Commons, third floor. All welcome. Each screening will be followed by … Continue reading

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The Brain That Changes Itself – the movies

Many people I meet ask me for a list of books I recommend – anyone who knows me knows that the only thing I recommend is to not recommend anything… Some persist and say “ok can you suggest one book I … Continue reading

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Hearing Voices Group Toronto | 2020

Now in our Tenth Year ! PLEASE NOTE The Mar 19th 2020 HV Group Toronto mtg will be going to the MOVIES Join us for FREE SCREENING: BIRDMAN 6pm to 9pm @Robarts Library, UofT   The Where Inner City … Continue reading

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The biology of our best and worst selves – Robert Sapolsky

One thing that’s clear is you’re not going to get anywhere if you think there’s going to be the brain region or the hormone or the gene or the childhood experience or the evolutionary mechanism that explains everything.  Instead, every bit of behavior … Continue reading

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Completely Cuckoo – 7pm, Tue 8th Oct 2019

Love “One flew Over The Cuckoo’s Nest” ? Want to see the remarkable story of how this remarkable movie was made? Completely Cuckoo [documentary] tells that story. A Mad For Movies and Guattari Goes to the Movies Series Screening… Completely … Continue reading

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Accepting Voices @ UoT Fri 23rd Mar 2018

Unique,  innovative and insight-filled workshop led by Kevin Healey recipient of INTERVOICE’s International Award for Innovation, 2016. We welcome workers, professionals,  students, professors, administrators, family members, friends, humans. We are all touched by experiences that get called psychosis , indeed, … Continue reading

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Dicks on the subway

Jessica Valenti on her experiences growing up in New York City, especially experiences of dicks on subways, of the very real and lasting effects it can have and the compromises that women and even young girls have to make in … Continue reading

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Sleep deprivation induces psychosis in healthy humans

More research telling us what we already know – lack of sleep can lead to your world starting to look and feel very strange, and people treating you as less than human-  it is after all the the basis if … Continue reading

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Huffington Post Hears Voices – All Weekend

It’s Hearimg Voices Weekend at Huffington Post. Well, not quite but close enough. The whole weekend Huffpuff is featuring Eleanor Longden’s mind opening TED talk. There’s an op-ed by Eleanor – repeated below – and pieces by regular  Huffbloggers.  go … Continue reading

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A Tale of Mental Illness – from the inside – Elyn Saks

ceci ce n’est pas “un schizophrenic “ . . . Elyn Saks delivers a powerful and courageous TED talk. “So I’m a woman with chronic schizophrenia. I’ve spent hundreds of days in psychiatric hospitals. I might have ended up spending … Continue reading

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