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Dr Joanna Moncrieff – The Myth of The Chemical Cure

From BBC (uk) radio 2 Today Programme, 2009 Dr Joanna Moncrieff interview …. Taking a pill to treat depression is widely believed to work by reversing a chemical imbalance. But in this week’s Scrubbing Up health column, Dr Joanna Moncrieff, of … Continue reading

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chemical imbalance my ass…

What started as an honest hypothesis is, and has for some time been known to be mere hypothesis,  entirely false. Indeed,  drug companies are  careful in their literature  to claim it as no more than  a “belief”: take a moment … Continue reading

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DSM-5 and The Crisis in Psychiatry – Philip Thomas

We are delighted today to be able to share the text and slides from the talk given by Phil Thomas at  Now We’re all Crazy- What’s Next? on Mon 8th July as part of Mad Pride Toronto 2013. Phil Thomas … Continue reading

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The Psychiatric Drugging of Children & Elderly

Jim Gottstein, campaigning lawyer talking about the alarming increasing use of psychiatric drugs in those who are least able to say no – … often used to control behaviour that carers find difficult. ….and for which there is no real scientific evidence … Continue reading

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Richard Bentall – Diagnoses are psychiatry’s star signs. Let’s listen more and drug people less

UK Guardian Monday 31 August 2009 Diagnoses are psychiatry’s star signs. Let’s listen more and drug people less The biological approach to treating mental illness has been a lamentable failure. We must focus on a patient as a person  Surveying … Continue reading

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Joanna Moncrieff – Changing the balance of psychosis treatment

Joanna Moncrieff and the Critical Psychiatry Network offer us a different way of thinking about how psychiatric medications work; and ways to use them  that assist healing but reduce the adverse effects – and especially the devastating effects that result from long … Continue reading

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See a psychiatrist? Are you mad?

This is a great article from the UK’s The Observer [ Guardian] three years ago, now.  A review  by a former psychotherapist-turned author Salley Vickers.of a book by Prof Richard Bentall: Doctoring the Mind – probably his easiest book to read. … Continue reading

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Troubling Treatment

Drag our Leaf Icon above to your taskbar to bookmark TGAM in Internet Explorer 9. Show me how Please don’t show me this again Remind me later On how, with a lack of psychological services for youth to refer to Doctors … Continue reading

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