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What’s it like round here?

Seth Godin often pops something into my inbox that shows me a way to say something I’m struggling to find a way to say and to share… Community standards “What’s it like around here?” It’s a fair question to ask … Continue reading

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Understanding Trauma – Peter Levine and his Slinky

Peter Levine’s work unlocks our understanding of how trauma works within us – and how we can heal ourselves and find ways to support others in their healing, In this short [6min] clip he uses a slinky to demonstrate how … Continue reading

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Thorns in the spirit…

Trauma means Wound The word “trauma” means “wound”. Trauma is not the thing that happened but the effect left within us by our experiences of what happened.  It can, though leave us experiencing life as if the thing that did … Continue reading

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Trauma means Wound

Trauma means “wound”.
That’s it, no shit. Continue reading

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