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Hearing Voices Cafe – Mon 7th DEC 2020

Hearing Voices Cafe Mon DEC 7th 2pm to 4pm Coffee & All That Jazz 72 Howard Park Ave  Roncesvalles,  Toronto TTC routes: 506, 501, 504  Coffe & All That Jazz Cafe is open for Take Outs Its COVID time, -We’ll … Continue reading

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MADx – F#CK YOU COVID – Fri 27 Nov 2020

MADx brings you … FUCK.  YOU. COVID. Fri 27th Nov 2020 8pm to 10pm [Tronno time]   Online, Everywhere, wherever you are. Zoomed-up   What is MADx ? MADx is a celebration of our human spirit. and what it takes … Continue reading

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Kevin & Dave Go to Montreal Goes Back to Sheffield…

Nah Den! Get yer Sheffield Shorts on for t’Sheffield Short Film Festival… At one point just about every human alive will hear a voice only they hear, each person and each voice have a story. This is a story about … Continue reading

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Building a new response to 911 distress calls in Toronto

“For me, it was very clear that having officers as first responders for a mental health crisis was simply not working, and many times, was escalating a situation” – Asante Haughton “When someone is in crisis, they are already feeling … Continue reading

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Hearing Voices Group Toronto | 2020

Now in our Tenth Year ! PLEASE NOTE The Mar 19th 2020 HV Group Toronto mtg will be going to the MOVIES Join us for FREE SCREENING: BIRDMAN 6pm to 9pm @Robarts Library, UofT   The Where Inner City … Continue reading

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Mad Fer Movies – Film Series 2020

Mad fer Movies? Three movies – one each month for three months. Free screenings at UoT Robarts Library on St George. That’s the giant concrete Turkey-wot-didn’t-vote-for-you-know-what looking building. Media Commons, third floor. All welcome. Each screening will be followed by … Continue reading

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Hearing Voices Workshop #1 Accepting Voices – Thu 30th April 2020

This introductory and foundational workshop will open doors of new understanding, in non-diagnostic non-categorising ways, a range of human experiences like difficult-to-hear voices that get called names like “psychosis”. This workshop is designed especially for those who work in health … Continue reading

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Hearing Voices Cafe – Toronto 2020

Hearing Voices Cafe Toronto Coffee and That Jazz 72 Howard Park Ave 6pm to 8pm. First Monday of each month – except when its the second monday because of holidays. For those willing to open themselves to listen, willing to … Continue reading

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Completely Cuckoo – 7pm, Tue 8th Oct 2019

Love “One flew Over The Cuckoo’s Nest” ? Want to see the remarkable story of how this remarkable movie was made? Completely Cuckoo [documentary] tells that story. A Mad For Movies and Guattari Goes to the Movies Series Screening… Completely … Continue reading

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UN_ESCALATE – Workshop Thu 30th Jan, 2020

These are difficult times and this is difficult work: how might we approach it first as human beings? Escalation is a dynamic that involves at least two people. We all “escalate“: in response to [something in] our environment, and in … Continue reading

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