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Chokehold: Stop and Frisk

Stop-and-frisks are brutal assertions of police dominance on African American men, through sexual harassment, torture and even terrorism. Continue reading

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Pathways from surviving adverse experiences to being deemed “psychotic

We will likely be told we have “lost touch with reality”, whatever that means, when the truth is it’s really not hard to understand: we are struggling to feel safe in the world. Continue reading

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Colonialism is a factory in which madness is manufactured

  Achille Mbembe talking about the importance of Franz Fanons’ ideas in today’s world and his own emerging ideas, which he says are “preliminary”, and only “sketched-out” around what he calls the  “politics of viscerality”- how the political situation or … Continue reading

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Carnval des Voix comes to Oshawa, Ontario

Big Yo! to all the peeps and voices who came out for Carnival des Voix yesterday.
In Oshawa, Ontario. Continue reading

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What we need to talk about is…

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talking about “psychosis”…

Psychosis is not a “thing” except as a kind of  aperture or a lens through which we view someone struggling. It’s an interpretation, a way of seeing, of categorizing, naming, and talking about a person’s struggle. That that lens, that … Continue reading

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There’s so very, very much more to it than popping pills.

 Opinion piece, and personal account,  from Guardian columnist Deborah Orr on her experience of being prescribed then first taking “anti-depressant”. After five week process she was prescribed by a doctor she never met with no conversation about what to expect … Continue reading

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Zen-ass-dude in The Pain Cave

Taylor Phinney, “zen-ass-dude” and pro-cyclist and time-trial specialist on how all the voices in his head are “bread-and-butter “ “you kinda got to get to that point to be able to win any of these bike races”. The image below … Continue reading

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How I feel – A tribe Called Red

And it’s hard to listen- but listen
Cause it’s much harder living it than listening…
Continue reading

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The danger of a single story – Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie

  Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie at TED on the danger of a single story and how, as she says:       “That is how we create a single story: show a people as one thing, as only one thing, over and … Continue reading

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