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To be human is to be in relationship…

To be human is to be in relationship , with other humans and with the world. -Paolo Freire

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It’s not about health, its not very caring and it’s not a system.

          Alex Jadad: “The fact is that the stystem is unsustainable as it is. Even if we’re comfortable, that level of comfort is dangerous because it could end up consuming everything that we have and yet … Continue reading

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Is wokeness robbing us of compassion and replacing it with moral superiority?

  “Wokeness has robbed many of compassion and replaced it with moral superiority” Ayishat Akanbi ”I think wokeness has robbed many people of compassion and replaced it with moral superiority. Compassion and empathy is paramount to any social movement, and … Continue reading

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Mental Health: we need to make it about people

  Mental Health We made it all about drugs. We need to make it about people.  

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Understanding Voices: Ontario Shores. Sat 24th Nov 2018

Hosted by Ontario Shores Family Council A Caregiver Event Understanding Voices : learning to listen to the pain of trauma and “psychosis” Presenter: Kevin Healey Kevin Healey hears voices and has done so for longer than he -or they -care … Continue reading

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WMD on WMHD 2018

  Plenty to like in the WHO statement  for World Mental Health Day 10th  October 2018 , calling for the  need to focus on mental health of young persons; with an emphasis on recognising the stressful world not of their … Continue reading

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Staircase of Oppression in “Mental Health”

Two-and-some years ago I stumbled across a video online, a TEDx talk I  found very useful, in which the presenter shared a diagram, a conceptual model of how oppression is constructed, in steps, as an escalation, first from categorizing persons, … Continue reading

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Recovery as a Self-Directed Process of Healing and Transformation By: Patricia E. Deegan Ph.D.

The word “recovery” has now stuck onto every sentence uttered in mental health services just so we’ll know just how “recovery oriented” everything and everyone has now become. “Recovery oriented” is now an established branding but just what does that mean? … Continue reading

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Workshop#1: Accepting Voices – Thu 29th Nov 2018

Pleased to announce, in community partnership with Inner City Family Health Team, this special opportunity to participate in our highly valued “liberating” , emancipatory”,  even “universe-tilting” Workshop #1: Accepting Voices. This workshop offers a beginning, an introduction to a non-diagnostic, non-medical,  human … Continue reading

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Hearing Voices Group Toronto | Fall 2018

Ninth year. new location! We’re moving downtown. The Where Inner City Family Health Team – ICFHT 4th Floor 69 Queen St East  The When Dates –  see poster Times-  6:00pm to 7:30pm Note: 1. Take the stairs or the the smellyvator … Continue reading

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