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Connecting To Madness – Jim van Os

Jim van Os is a psychiatrist who knows understands the devastating consequences of the widespread stereotype of schizo diagnoses. He has been actively researching into relations between environment and diagnoses, especially early adverse experiences and how they relate to becoming … Continue reading

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We are deep down inside you. Mr Robot

We are deep down inside you. You can’t leave us and we can’t leave you, ever. Continue reading

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reality tunnels – Robert Anton Wilson

Robert Anton Williams on the idea of reality tunnels- how ideas and especially language shape our experience, our own personal reality. Each second that passes  our brain is bombarded with billions of data from which we select to  make our own unique … Continue reading

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farmer, trombone, cows

To paraphrase VS Ramachandran, just because something happens that we don’t understand doesn’t mean it didn’t happen, it just means we’re not smart enough to understand. We could spend millions of dollars investigating elaborate theories to explain exactly what “caused” … Continue reading

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Cassette – Fridge


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Imaginary friends

All my mommy’s imaginary friends are on something called Facebook. Continue reading

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Eton Rifles – The Jam

Hello-hurrah, there’s a price to pay, to the Eton rifles, Hello-hurrah, I’d prefer the plague, to the Eton rifles. Hullo hoo-ray wot a nice day. The Eton Rifles Lyrics Sup up your beer and collect your fags, There’s a row … Continue reading

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The wisdom of Cows

Some days it seems we could learn from others… From The School of Life, a few things we might learn from our bovine better angels… Some highlights…  It’s weird they exist at all You can’t tell what a cow is … Continue reading

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Thought creates reality then it says…

Thought creates reality and then it says, I didn’t do it; it’s there by itself, and I must correct it.
David Bohm Continue reading

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Get your weird on

There are no weird kids.
Weird is just WIRED:DIFFERENTLY – and we all are.
Want to get a life? Get your weird on. Continue reading

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