MADx: Alive n Kicking – Fri 1.Feb.2019

Alive n Kicking
Friday 1st Feb.2019
9pm to midnight*
The Imperial Pub
Downstairs bar,  the back room.

Free – We welcome and appreciate your donations to our fundraising.

MADx is ..

A Celebration

  • Of what it takes to free ourselves form others ideas of who they would have us be.
  • Of life and human spirit.
  • Of people finding and using their voice.

A Performance night.

  • All kinds of performance…
    Short Stories | Spoken Word | Stand Up | Song | Stuff not beginning with S

Call For MADx Performers

We welcome new performers including first timers.
MADx Not [quite] an open mic…
If you’ve a performance in you and you’d like a slot [typically 2 to 10mins] on the MADx stage – or if you know someone who  might –
then get in touch via the website…

More Info on the website…


Old Skool- Print n Post a MADx  Poster
Printer Freindly version  [pdf]
madx alive and kicking fri 01.feb.2019.poster

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Do Something. This is an emergency.

Street Nurse Roxie Danielson RN speaking at vigil for Toronto homelsss woman struck and killed by garbage truck in the early hours while sleeping in a grid in the heart of Toronto’s financial district.

Three people without homes and living on Toronto streets died in one week.

Declaring an emergency will enable officials to additional resources,  but of course it might make it look like city hierachy are not in control of the situation.

Dear Toronto,
Letting people die on your streets already looks pretty bad on you.
Letting people die on the richest streets in the country makes it look pretty bad on you to, Canada.
Do Something.

Homelessness can happen to anyone.

It happens disproportionately to people who have already been marginalised and discarded by this society – us –  for any or many of the multitude of excuses we use to justify doing that. We do it to people we regard as not like us, for reasons of  ethnicity, race, gender, poverty, ill-health and especially to those who have already experienced enough hostility since they were young.

Two people each week…
City of Toronto’s  official website reoprts deaths of people experiencig homelessness. People experiencing homelessness live on average 20 to 30 years younger. Die from causes related from living outdoors or in indequate shelter and inaboity to acckess healthcare.
For some time now two people die each week, with peaks in the heat of summer and cold of winter.

Do Something.
This is an Emergency.

Do something.
Demand your elected officials so something.
Do it now.

Do Something.
Demand Toronto declares the emergency.
Do it now.

Do Something.
Demand Toronto Mayor John Tory declares the emergency.
Tweet him.

John Tory: you’re a decent man, do the decent thing.
Do Something.
This is an emergency.
Declare it.
Do it Now.

News Report from Global News, including short Video from which this is taken…



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Mind, Mindfulness, Meditation and Bollocks

If you’ve been told “you should nmeditate”- you’ve been fed some right ol’ bollocks.
If you’ve been told meditation is about quieting your mind, you’ve been fed a special kind of bollocks.
Anyone who tells you that knows knob all.
But then…
Bolloxmongers will feed you any ol’ bollox.
Especially if it means they get to tick a box saying they andvanced you towards your goals and get a pat on the head and get to sneak off work early on a friday.

Now, dont get me wrong.
Testicles are tasty.

But there aint alf a right load of ol’ bollocks being put about about mind, and mindfulness and meditation .

Here’s Sahdguru busting a few myths .


How do you stop the mind’s chatter?
Why would you want to?
Billions of years have left you a mind that can do what a mind can do
and you want to shut that down?

Go ahead, try.

You can, however, stop letting it bug the freeken ass off you.
That’s entirley different.
… and its entirely do able too.

All together now…
Do do doo doo…

Sadhguru’s sitdown standup routine…

Free your mind…
[from the asshole who wants to control it]
and your ass will follow.

D’Umbongo has left the building…

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To be human is to be in relationship…

To be human is to be in relationship ,
with other humans and with the world.

-Paolo Freire

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we take it upon ourselves to decide for another what they need we take away their power to decide for themselves.

We reduce the space in which they can be human. We reduce the space in which they can be free to make their own choices. We reduce the space in which they get to be who they can be. We reduce the space in which they get to make the kind of choices we value being able to make ourselves in our own lives.

And, we deny them opportunity in which they might learn, to reclaim their power and use it to make choices enabling them to live a life worth living – and worth living on their own terms…

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Ol Skool – Crack of Dawn

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Ghost – Depeche Mode

I’m the hole in your heart
I’m the stain in your bed
The phantom in your fingers
The voices in your head

I’m the ghost in your house
Calling your name
My memory lingers
You’ll never be the same
I’m the hole in your heart
I’m the stain in your bed
The phantom in your fingers
The voices in your head
One touch is all it took
To draw you in
To leave you hooked
One kiss, you paid the price
You had a taste Of paradise
Now you’re running in circles
Chasing imaginary footsteps
Reaching for shadows In the bed where I once slept
I’m the ghost in your house
Calling your name
My memory lingers
You’ll never be the same
I’m the hole in your heart
I’m the stain in your bed
The phantom in your fingers
The voices in your head
One thought is all it takes
You lose control
You make mistakes
This pain will never leave Until I die
You’ll always grieve
Now you’re falling to pieces
Seeing my face wherever you go
Talking to strangers
From a place they’ll never know.


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It’s not about health, its not very caring and it’s not a system.






Alex Jadad:

“The fact is that the stystem is unsustainable as it is.

Even if we’re comfortable, that level of comfort is dangerous
because it could end up consuming everything that we have
and yet not satisfy our needs.
So we need to do something and pronto.

A sense of urgency
is an extremely important thing to develop
especially in areas, as Ontario, where we are already facing some financial challenges.

[Piya Chattopadhyay]     “We seem to be inert” 

“Well we seem more paralyzed, 
and apathetic, or petrified, than anything else.

Change is difficult.
And for a system as big as the one we call “heathcare system”…

It’s not a system , by the way:
Its a bunch of pieces
that don’t work together.
I dont know what is the best term to call it.

Its not about heath
Its not very caring
and its not a system.

Well said, Alex Jadad.

More money
for more of the same
will never be enough.
We need change,
we need different.


Alex Jadad: Promoting Change
TVO The Agenda .




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Can a Lack of Sleep Cause Psychiatric Disorders?

You’ll see squillions and gazillions of  pieces on how folks said to “have”  a “mental illness” struggle with sleep.

Q. What if that story is all arse-about-face?
Or, if you prefer: “ass-backwards” ?

Matt Walker has been asking similar questions.


Can a Lack of Sleep Cause Psychiatric Disorders?

Study shows that sleep deprivation leads to a rewiring of the brain’s emotional circuitry

By Nikhil Swaminathan
Scientific American, October 23, 2007

There’s no question that people need their sleep: studies have linked a lack of shut-eye to everything from disruptions in the immune system to cognitive deficits to weight controlCredit: © ISTOCKPHOTO/KAREN WINTON 

In fact, psychologist Matthew Walker of the University of California, Berkeley, says that “almost all psychiatric disorders show some problems with sleep.” But, he says that scientists previously believed the psychiatric problems triggered the sleep issues. New research from his lab, however, suggests the reverse is the case; that is, a lack of shut-eye is causing some psychological disturbances.

Walker’s team and collaborators from Harvard Medical School reached their conclusions, published in Current Biology, after studying 26 healthy students aged 24 to 31 after either an all-nighter or a full night’s sleep.

Fourteen subjects spent 35 straight hours without getting a wink before being rolled into a functional magnetic resonance imaging (fMRI) scanners where their brains were observed while they viewed a set of 100 photos that became increasingly disturbing as they progressed. Early slides were snapshots of an empty wicker basket on a table; the scenes changed as the series progressed, however, to more shocking settings, such as a tarantula on a person’s shoulder and finally pictures of burn victims and other traumatic portraits.

The researchers mainly monitored the amygdala, a midbrain structure that decodes emotion, and observed that both sets of volunteers had a similar baseline of activity when shown the innocuous images. But, when the scenes became more gruesome, the amygdalae of the sleep-deprived participants kicked up, showing 60 percent more activity relative to the normal population’s response. In addition, the researchers noticed that more than five times more neurons in the area were transmitting impulses in the sleep-deprived brains.

Walker described the heightened emotional response in the weary as “profound,” noting, “We’ve never seen a magnitude of increase between two groups that big in any of our studies before.”

The team also checked the fMRI readings to determine whether any other brain regions had a similar pattern of activity, which would indicate that the brain networks were communicating with one another. In normal participants, the amygdala seemed to be talking to the medial prefrontal cortex, an outer layer of the brain that, Walker says, helps to contextualize experiences and emotions. But, in the sleep-deprived brain, the amygdala seemed to be “rewired,” coupling instead with a brain stem area called the locus coeruleus, which secretes norepinephrine, a precursor of the hormone adrenaline that triggers fight-or-flight type reactions.

“Medial prefrontal cortex is the policeman of the emotional brain,” Walker says. “It makes us more rational. That top-down, inhibitory connection is severed in the condition of sleep deprivation. … The amygdala seems to be able to run amok.” People in this state seem to experience a pendulum of emotions, going from upset and annoyed to giddy in moments, he says.

“There seems to be a causal relationship between impaired sleep and some of the psychiatric symptomatology and disorders that we’re seeing,” says Robert Stickgold, an associate professor of psychiatry at Harvard Medical School who was not involved in this study. He cites research linking sleep apnea, in which breathing is disrupted, to attention deficit hyperactivity disorder and the evidence of a connection between depression and insomnia as examples. “It might be that those medial frontal regions tell the rest of the brain, ‘You can chill,'” he says. “Those circuits become exhausted or altered after a lack of sleep.”

Walker says the team now plans to examine the effects of disruption of certain types of sleep, such as REM sleep or slow-wave sleep. “I think we may start to think about a new potential function for sleep,” says Walker. “It does actually prepare our emotional brains for next-day social and emotional interactions.”


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MADx – Alive n Kicking – Fri 1st Feb 2019

MADx is about life.
MADx is about performance- first timers and experienced
MADx is about voice – finding and using yours, and witnessing others a as they do too.
MADx is about: heh, it’s Friday night.

So, why MADx ?
It’s a bit mad and it has an x in it.

Open Call for Performers


You have a song. poem, short story,  spoken word piece, or want to recite a favourite by someone else, or if you have another performance,  or wtf …

If you want to join us and share it at MADx on our stage

Then drop us a line with a few words here…

We invite you to:

  • Share how you have been challenged, or are being challenged, whether by volition or happenstance, choices you found yourself with, and how its working out so far..
  • How walked in fire, or through darkness and found something, anything  that lights a fire in you soul, in your spirit,  or under just your arse,
    and you want to let it shine.
  • How you’d like to challenge stereotypes without attacking and belittling others.


  • Free yourself from the language of diagnistical boloxupifiction-
    there are tens of thousands of other words we can choose
    – and that’s just in English.So give it a try for ten minutes.
    and show us what you got.

We’d  prefer you didn’t…

  • bring what Pat Deegan calls “restitution stories”, or download tired old, same old routines, and reinforce stereotypes that reduce other people’s lives.
    If you get your kicks that way then you can find it easy enough elsewhere.

Note this event, we will be capturing footage for  a video for a forthcoming MADx kickstarter campaign.
And no, you don’t need to be in the video. [D’oh!]



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