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chemical imbalance my ass…

What started as an honest hypothesis is, and has for some time been known to be mere hypothesis,  entirely false. Indeed,  drug companies are  careful in their literature  to claim it as no more than  a “belief”: take a moment … Continue reading

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“Antipsychotics made me want to kill myself”

An article yesterday May 5th on BBC News  at bbc.co.uk/news… The story of one man David Strange’s story , stuggling to balance the benefits and side effects of the medications he takes to manage his difficult experiences . It also shows … Continue reading

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Antipsychotics death risk charted in dementia patients

A report from BBC News website below, on the extent of antopsychotic use in patients with dementia and additional deaths that result from the practice  – and NEW chance to take part in our first reader poll… ____________________________________________________________________ Reader’s  Poll: Antipsychotics … Continue reading

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