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Total Utter Bollox

Q: What is the evidentiary basis of the oft repeated story that “mental illness”is caused by “chemical imbalance” in a person’s brain ? A: TOTAL UTTER BOLLOX. If you didn’t know already, and plenty do, you do now. All over … Continue reading

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Cash for Anxiety and Depressive Disorders

Which do you think would offer you a better chance of recovery? a lifetime of free products from the pharmaceutical industry or $200,000 cash This report by the most assuredly excellent Bonkers Institute for Nearly Genuine Research may surprise you, or … Continue reading

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secret life of the manic depressive – Stephen Fry

An excellent two part BBC documentary with Stephen Fry: an exploration of what it means to live with mania and depression – manic depresion as he calls it, or “bipolar disorder” as the [M]admen would have us call it… Fry tells … Continue reading

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uppy-downy mood-swingy kind of guy – Stephen Fry

Stephen Fry at bigthink.com Talking about his live with ups and downs of living with mania and depression and how he sometmes stuggles but is also thankful. “It’s who I am – I’m an uppy downy mood swingy kind of … Continue reading

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Clara Hughes on Strombo

Clara Hughes talks with George Stroumboulopoulos . “It’s ok to be human.” Related articles Clara Hughes on Q (recoverynetworktoronto.wordpress.com)

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