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all that stuff about symptoms and diagnoses…

All that stuff about symptoms and diagnoses it is interesting but it’s not that useful. All I need to know is my buddy [Jo] is having a hard time… and there are dozens, maybe hundreds of things I can do … Continue reading

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how psychiatric diagnosis becomes “proof” of the “chemical imbalance” that causes psychiatric diagnosis

Psychiatric diagnosis is proof of the chemical imbalance that causes psychiatric diagnosis. Continue reading

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Depression screening tests for children unreliable – d’oh!

Many people believe that the great myriad of mental disorders we can choose from must be diagnosed by some sciencey-seeming test – involving fabulous technology that peers right into the inner workings of our brain to find faulty circuits – … Continue reading

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“schizophrenia” – an idea, not a thing

“Schizophrenia is a number of symptoms that have been put together to say that ‘this is an illness’.
And that’s an idea, not a thing.”
Dr Kwame McKenzie Continue reading

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DSM5 – mad, bad, or just plain daft ?

Only days to go in the countdown to the publication of the worlds most expensive doorstop DSM5. If you really do need a doorstop try your  local dollar store – mine has two for $1.29 and they work perfectly well. … Continue reading

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how mad are you?

BBC Horizon’s version of the 21st century’s most popular parlour game …Guess My Diagnosis! Staged like a “reality” TV show, ten volunteers are whisked away to Hever castle in south of England, to participate in a series of “tests” supervised … Continue reading

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a pschyiatrist’s double bind

A nice insight from Gilli Adler Nevo a psychiatrist who’s experienced it from both sides into living with the challenges and limitations of working as a psychiatrist – and how the system we have created defaults  automatically to  diagnosis/ medication. … Continue reading

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Disturbed minds or manuals?

From TVO’s The Agenda with Steve Paikin Part of series: Mental Health Matters This is an excellent panel conversation with: Dr Allen J Frances, Dr Donna Stewart , Dr Kwame McKenzie, and Historian Edward Shorter. the pool of normal has … Continue reading

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