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Why does my soul feel so bad… Moby

Why does my soul feel so bad?
Why does my heart feel so sad?
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loop in my heart – M-Flo ft. Emyli & Yoshika

  You called/I called/we talked/we laughed/we did… That lighthearted summer In no time we/caught up/and uh… One thing led to another… In love/in what?/In love/say what?/say what?… Girl I can’t be your lover He said/she said/rumour?/rumour?… Baby… You know the … Continue reading

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groove is in the heart – Deee-lite

ooo laa- laa! Deee-lite-full ! We’re going to dance, We’re going to dance, We’re going to dance Andhave some fun The chills that you Spill up my back Keep me filledwith Satisfaction when we’re done Satisfaction of what’s to come … Continue reading

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