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151 Prescription drugs under safety investigation in Canada

Toronto Star has published a list of 151 prescription drugs undergoing safety investigations in 2o13. The Star obtained the information only after persistently bugging officials at Health Canada. With a remarkable example of doublespeak, up till now Canada’s drug safety authority … Continue reading

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Bad Bad Bad: how drug companies mislead doctors – Ben Goldacre

Dr Ben Goldacre is a physician, psychiatrist and epidemiologist; writer, broadcaster and really fast TEDtalker. He was in Toronto publicising his new book Bad Science in Feb, here he is in interview with Anna Maria Tremonte on CBC’s The Current from … Continue reading

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how medicines are marketed

A wonderful look back in time -from io9.com -to the days when marketing pharmaceuticals was much more innocent. Travelling snake oil salesmen criss-crossed the land twixt town and city, peddling their wares to  convince you and me  that their poisons were worth … Continue reading

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