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Pills to Help in School

Article by A Schwarz in  NY Times Oct 25th – about how more and more children in America are taking pill to cope in school- in effect to make up for inadequacies in the school system. It doesn’t take years of researchers researching … Continue reading

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ADHD drugs suspected of hurting Canadian kids

First in an excellent series by  Toronto Star reporter David Bruser investigating adverse drug reaction reporting in Canada – a system which is as woefully inadequate  as those  in other countries. Do you too find it difficult to conclude anything other than that the … Continue reading

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Vitamin B deficiency linked to troubled teens

Report from Western Australia on research showing link between insufficient vitamin B in diet and what researchers call “externalisation of problems “, which appears as agitation and aggression, “acting out” and results in them being called delinquent; and “internalisation of problems” … Continue reading

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What doctors don’t know about the drugs they prescribe: Ben Goldacre

You saw an extract from his book the other day, here he is at TED, Ben Goldacre on how the system that is the very basis of “evidence medicine” is a load of bollocks [my paraphrasing] concealling a systemmatic flaw … Continue reading

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The Drugs Don’t Work – Ben Goldacre

From the guardian, a lengthy extract from a new book by Ben Goldacre, published today in the UK. Goldacre is one of the growing number of Doctors who have woken from the pharma/doubleblind/”evidence” -induced hypnosis that has taken hold of … Continue reading

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America’s Medicated Kids – Louis Theroux

Louis Theroux spends time with America’s diagnosed and medicated kids. You may be left wondering just who’s disorder is being treated by the kids taking the medications. Phamily mental health In one family mom proudly displays the phamily pharmacy – even … Continue reading

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Antipsychotic Prescriptions in Children Have Skyrocketed

Eight fold increase in antipsychotic prescriptions  to children since 1993 Article  in Time Aug 9 on the alarming rise of antipsychotics prescribed for children. Witht the adult market for antipsychotics approaching saturation, drug companies have turned to creating a new market … Continue reading

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Psychiatric Drugs: Chemical Warfare on Humans – interview with Robert Whitaker

This morning I chanced across this: interview with Robert Whitaker from 2005 by Terry Messman of StreetSpirit.org. It predates Whitaker’s book: Anatomy of an Epidemic and covers wider  scope so it’s interesting to see a glimpse of how he was thinking at … Continue reading

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A Tale of Mental Illness – from the inside – Elyn Saks

ceci ce n’est pas “un schizophrenic “ . . . Elyn Saks delivers a powerful and courageous TED talk. “So I’m a woman with chronic schizophrenia. I’ve spent hundreds of days in psychiatric hospitals. I might have ended up spending … Continue reading

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Citalopram safety warning

Article in UK Telegraph 9:15PM BST 30 Jun 2012n Safety warning over Britain’s most common antidepressant A warning has been sounded over antidepressant drugs taken by more than a million patients in Britain. Photo: ALAMY By Laura Donnelly, Health correspondent … Continue reading

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