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Rosenhan – On Being Sane in Insane Places. pt 3

In this brief video David Rosenhan talks about the experiment, the experiences of the pseudo patients and observations on the environment inside psychiatric hospital – as warehouses for people whom society has given up on and lost sympathy for. Below the video is Rosenhan’s Paper published … Continue reading

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“Thud” – On Being Sane in Insane Places. pt 1

This short clip tells of David Rosenhan’s famous experiment. The clip is from Adam Curtis’ movie documentary project  The Trap.      Part 1: F*ck You Buddy   Rosenhan had been following the work of R.D. Laing [right] who was one of … Continue reading

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the combo – psychiatric soup

[…continued from Reducing the pool of normal] The Big Book of Woe, soup-in-a-can, psychiatrists as car mechanics and dreaming of white lavender scented  sheets… DSM and inclusion For all the fuss, at least DSM5 is, unlike  its predecessors,  inclusive – since its … Continue reading

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mind games – Kwame McKenzie

Wonderful article by Kwame McKenzie in Walrus Magazine,  March 2013. In Mind Games, Kwame McKenzie takes us on a brief tour through the history of attempts to regularize and standardize diagnosis in psychiatry, encoded in three major systems of diagnosis – … Continue reading

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Mama we’er all crazee now

Dateline 1972 The Slade: Don Powell, Jim Lea, Dave Hill,  and Noddy Holder . Two score plus one more years ago these fine gentlemen from The Black Country  like,   TOTALLY  predicted the contents of DSM5 and, unwittingly, also gave the American Pyschiatric Association their strategy … Continue reading

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85 CTOs – the cost in human rights of reducing hospital readmissions by 1

An independent meta study by the Cochrane Collaboration concluded that it takes: 85 people having their rights removed and recieving compulsory psychiatric “treatment” under a CTO to achieve a single reduction in hospital readmissions…. 235 people being placed under compulsory chemical … Continue reading

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The evidence is crystal clear – CTOs don’t work

Article in UK Independent newspaper with the psychiatrist who first championed their use and advised UK Govt on the introduction of Community Treatment Orders.   Prof Tom Burns, head of Social Psychiatry at Oxford University now says that following a … Continue reading

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are psychiatric drugs the culprit behind tragic mass shootings ?

Let’s really talk… A slightly different message from most of those you’ll hear today and this week as part of “Let’s Talk”. Here’s Psychiatrist Dr Peter Breggin talking with Fox Business’  Tom Sullivan , about  the association between acts of … Continue reading

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Is Psychiatry Commiting “Professional Suicide”?

The best answer to that question comes from the guy on the right… If you want the background story read the account by  Maia Szalavitz, originally at TIME.com …of Dr David Healy speaking at a gathering of the APA. Is psychiatry committing … Continue reading

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Schizophrenia – is one hundred years enough? Robin Murray

Sir Robin Murray is a Psychiatrist and one of the world’s leading researchers into what Psychiatry  has, for the last 100 years, called “schizophrenia”. He spoke last week at the World Hearing Voices Congress, held in Cardiff [that’s the capital city … Continue reading

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