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Psychiatry’s Identity Crisis ?

Op-Ed piece in New York Times by Psychiatrist and Psychopharmacologist Richard A. Friedman on the limitations of his own profession’s claims to being the world’s foremost authority and body of knowledge  but yet limits its own understanding of the struggles … Continue reading

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New! Workshop for Clinicians – Hearing Voices Part 1 : Learning to listen to “auditory hallucinations”

Very pleased to announce this new workshop specifically designed for experienced clinicians, Approved by Ontario Psychological Association and offered through Oshawa Psychotherapy Training Institute. Facilitators:  Kevin Healey                             … Continue reading

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empowerment requires narrative

…another from Hugh MacLeod at gapingvoid.com MacLeod aims his messages mostly to a business audience – with what I think are universal ideas… So what’s this got to do with recovery? When you’ve read his short message below, try reading the last paragraph … Continue reading

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