Training & Workshops

We design and offer training and workshops.

These are designed to support building capability to better support those who struggle with experiences that get called “mental  illness” especially those that get categorized as “psychosis”

All our training is non-diagnostic and rooted in human experience first and draws on the best ideas we think are work sharing, from whatever field.

What we share does not replace what you learned in college or class but it does help you place that in context so you can see better how you can use that in ways that might actually be useful.

Whether or not you regard what a person experiences as illness, it remains a human experience. Struggle, being deemed “mentally ill”, how society treats us, seeking help, receiving help services offer, dealing with how services treat us and more – is all a human experience. Working in services is a human experience too.

First and foremost this approach brings more honesty and truth to any claims espoused to be  “patient-first”,  “person-first”,  “trauma informed”,  “recovery” oriented, and whatever comes next.

We believe many of those who work in services strive to do their best despite the system they work in and often feel forced to choose between supporting those who struggle in ways that are often termed “professional” or “human “.

Instead of forcing that dichotomous choice we try to find and share ways how all those working in the system can be both more professional and more human. Who doesn’t want that?

We offer trainings and workshops three ways:

  • Open to public
    We arrange the venue, organise and offer places to the public.
  • Community Partnership
    Lately, we’ve been doing this more. We work with community organisations who are able to offer their space so that we can run a workshop. this allows them to encourage workers across their network including partner organisations to participate. Individual participants sign up in the normal way.
  • In-House
    We can also bring any of our trainings to your organisation or team, and we can work with you to seek special funding from LHIN, etc.  of course, these can be tailored to your organizations needs, focussed around situations you encounter and tricky, even wicked, problems you encounter.

When we learn together and work together 
When people who work together learn together it offers the benefit of helping create a sense of shared learning experience and enthusiasm to bring about changes, yielding a greater benefit from the investment and better support to those who struggle.

Contact us to begin a conversation about how we might support your team or organisation’s needs
If you are interested in working with us as community partner or in-house training then please get in touch.

You can initiate contact by using the contact form, accessed through the tab.