recovery – with attitude

Recovery is more about living than defining how we should live.

It’s about being who we can be, about me living the life  I can live rather than the life you want me to live so that you can feel comfortable. It’s about me not accepting your “definition” of what it means to be human,  your idea of how I should live,  who I should be, or your limits of what I’m  capable of.

Perhaps your definition comes from you seeing me through a very narrow lens, perhaps that lens is broken. Perhaps you’re scared of me because deep down you know we’re not that different and if things were only a little different then you could be where I am too.

Recovery is not about definition –  its about we each exploring, searching for, and making  meaning out of – and from deep within – even the most difficult human experiences. Then it’s about valuing what’s important, making choices and creating the best life we can – a life to be enjoyed and savoured and made the most of.

Recovery is not about what you think is wrong with, broken about, or deficient in me. It’s not about your limited ideas about humanity.  It’s about what I can do – maybe with some  help from you.

And no matter who you are and how many learned degrees you have it’s not about how deficient, broken or limited you think I am. It’s not about your theories about me. It’s not about what you think I should do or what you think is best for me. In fact its not very much about you at all, nor  what you think I am. The most important  part of recovery that is about you is when you accept me as a fellow human being.

Recovery is  about the unique expression of humanity that is me and my life – and if you feel triggered  by that then maybe you could go see a doctor and get them to give you some drugs.

by TontoinToronto

[with attitude]

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We believe people can and do recover from "mental illness" - because we are living it. We believe in the power of supporting each other: learning from and with each other. You are welcome to join us..
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  1. Attitude will get you standing up every time you fall down.


  2. carmen carrasco says:

    Yes, it is with attitude and I like that because it gives strengh to one self and sometimes thats is what we need!!


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