The Brain That Changes Itself

Norman Doidge, MD

The human brain, as we are now quickly learning, has a remarkable ability to change itself :  rewire or re-programme itself.

Neuroplasticity is the name given to the relatively new understanding that our brain is plastic – meaning it changes, and can be changed.

The Brain that Changes Itself the best-selling book by Toronto psychiatrist and researcher Dr. Norman Doidge presents a strong case for reconsidering how we view the human mind.

Doidge takes us on a tour of how the idea of neuroplasticity developed and how it is being used to develop new approaches to help people change their own brains.

This story offers powerul hope for those of us looking for ways to help our brain heal. Our brain is not fixed but constantly adapting to our environment and our experiences. We are not passive players in this – Doidge shows us real, breathtaking examples of how we can develop ways to help our brain heal itself.

Doidge is a great communicator and story teller, the book is a compelling read . He  also worked with CBC to produce  two documentaries – see the links below.

The Book

Published by penguin

Official website    


by CBC for The Nature of Things

The Brain That Changes Itself

The first documentary Doidge made with CBC gives a quick tour of how ideas of neuroplasticity emerged and some key examples of how the idea is being used by researchers to develop new approaches.

The second film shows more examples of how neuroplasticity is bein used to develop new approaches for people with diagnoses like OCD, schizophrenia

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