Mad Pride Week 2011

What is Mad Pride?

Mad Pride events take place around the world in growing celebration of our individual and collective power to live through mental challenges and  to campaign for more humane approaches and equality of rights for those labelled by society as mentally ill.

Perhaps most of all Mad Pride is about having a whole lotta fun whilst doing just that.

Mad Pride Proclamation

In which Mayor Rob Ford Proclaims, in the City of Toronto, the period July 11 to 14 to be Mad Pride Week 2011.

read it print it post it …….pdf of the Proclamation Mad_Pride_Week 2011- Proclamation

For updates & more on MadPride Toronto .. Mad Pride Network

Mad Pride 2011 Events

Event Schedule / Event Map

All events are free

  • Wednesday, July 13th:
    Location: Mad Pride 2011 @ The College Street United Church
    12 noon:  Lunch provided by Houselink
    12:30pm:  Mad History plus Q&A
    2pm: Laughing Like Crazy
    2:45pm: Break
    3pm: Dr. Bonnie Burstow
    4pm: Survivor Mel Starkman
    4:15-5:30pm: What Do Mad People Have To Be Proud Of?
  • Thursday, July 14th:
    Location: Mad Pride 2011 @ The College Street United Church
    12 noon:  Lunch by Raging Spoon Catering
    12:30 pm: Medical Marijuana and Mental Health with MedCannAccess & Pace
    1:30pm: Healer Kendra Kusturin
    2pm: Activist Don Weitz
    2:30pm:TTYL (Talk To Youth Lately production of “Minds Matter”)Location: Mad Pride 2011 @ CAMH
    4-5:30pm: The Mad Hatter’s Tea Party Dress as you will, come as you are, do as you do (hosted by the CAMH Empowerment Council @ CAMH Mall).
    6pm: The Friendly Spike Theatre Presents “The Walls Are Alive With The Sounds Of Mad People” (meet at the NE corner of CAMH property.)
  • Friday, July 15th:
    Location: Mad Pride 2011 @ The College Street United Church
    12 noon: Lunch provided by Houselink
    12:30pm: Laughing Like Crazy
    1:15pm: Survivor Peter Free
    1:45pm: Director Ruth Ruth Stackhouse
    2:15pm: Break
    2:30pm: Poet Roman Rakus
    3pm: Know Your Rights Jeopardy-PCLS
    4-5:30pm: Panel Discussion: “Where We Came From & Where To Now?” with Dr. Geoffery Reaume, David Reville, Lucy Costa & Mike Creek
    6pm:(Note: the community BBQ @ PM has been cancelled)
  • Saturday, July 16th:
    Location: Mad Pride BED PUSH from CAMH to PARC.
    12 noon: Assemble @ Queen Street West & Shaw Street
    12:30pm: Speakers (including MPP Cheri DiNovo)
    1-7pm: 5TH ANNUAL BED PUSH to PARC for food, music & snacks courtesy PCLS & PCHC.

About recoverynetwork:Toronto

We believe people can and do recover from "mental illness" - because we are living it. We believe in the power of supporting each other: learning from and with each other. You are welcome to join us..
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2 Responses to Mad Pride Week 2011

  1. Donald S Vogt says:

    I have been looking for contact info for Don Weitz (email)
    I wish to share research regarding the treatment of patients unvoluntarily detained under the Mental Health Act of BC

    Donald S. Vogt DMD


  2. Maureen O'Donnell says:

    Thanks for posting this… just learned that MP Peggy Nash will also speak at the Bed Push… around 12:30 on Saturday..
    please say hello Kevin.
    Maureen O’Donnell
    Mad Pride Organizing Committee


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