Jonah Mowry:”What’s going on..”

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Jonah Mowry

Remarkable Jonah Mowry shares the pain he feels after years of being bullied for being percieved as different.

He doesn’t speak – he holds up hand written notes for us to read- but his is a powerful voice.

Anyone who’s felt the pain of being bullied, labelled, treated as other will feel his pain too.

And anyone who has at times bullied, labelled, treated others with less than high regard [ including me]: food for thought.

Thanks Jonah.

Here’s one sequence, followed at the bottom by a link to the video and to Jonah’s facebook page where you can show your support ..

watch the video for yourself…

Jonah Mowry’s Facebook

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  1. You have to read Paddy McGowan’s article. Recovery – time for a change. He sends a powerful message out about being mad, mentally ill whatever you want to call it. The piece about children will make you think more.


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