She let go

This one is for Earla.

she let go.gif

cartoon by Hugh Mcleod

She Let Go

 After this cartoon went out earlier this year, we received a number of emails from people asking for female version. Here it is!

 I think the Buddhist in me came out in this one. So much human suffering is tied to hanging on to things; material, emotional, or otherwise.

 I believe that happiness comes from inside us – We often forget that, and spend a lot of time blaming other people for our unhappiness.

 The commentary on the original image read:

“If you’re unhappy, nine times out of ten it’s because you’re clinging onto something.

Nine times out of ten, happiness and letting go are synonymous.”


Hugh Mcleod

Hugh Mcleod makes great art – not for gallery walls  but for cubicles and other everyday spaces – social objects intended  to bring people together – and to talk.

You can have  one emailed to you every day and buy signed prints of your favourites.

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2 Responses to She let go

  1. A friend (who was diagnosed with schizophrenia – hearing voices, etc. – decades ago), phoned tonight, happier than she’d been in so long. She’d been analyzing herself and how certain things made her miserable, and realized she had to “just let go!” I just had to print the ‘cartoon’ along with the wonderful NY Times piece “Learning to Cope With a Mind’s Taunting Voices”, and I’ll send them to her tomorrow. Thanks for the beautiful fuel!


  2. I love it. She let go and she feels so happy and free.
    thank you,
    I signed up for his e-mails.


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