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Inspired by Emma Árdal…

Today is Groundhog day – that day on which  the the very best efforts of north american media attend their  focus on the serious matter of relaying messages from courageous representatives of the underground Rodent Recovery Network . Willy, Phil and others  pop up out of their burrows just long enough to look cute, wear goofy, inappropriate and anthropomorphizing  hats under protest- to share their important and valuable insights into whether we can expect an early end to winter,  depending simply upon whether they [or is it we?] can see their shadow.

This has become the only day of the year when rodents of any form are generally regarded as not only socially acceptable  but  as having something to say that is  worth paying attention to – at least in their proper place and or a few seconds at any rate.

“Celebrate the rodent !” 

We are all rodents – hairy mammals with vestigial tails any rate-  and it really is not that long ago that our ancestors lived in and amongst the same trees that rodents still call home if, indeed groundhogs actually “call”  home anything.

Whether or not this particular winter has actually started yet, many of us do look forward to it’s end, and towards days of sunshine and green,  longer, lighter days and lighter clothes and lighter mood. 

And many of us mammals simply hope for a day when we are  regarded by our fellows not with all the fuss and the media fanfare of groundhog day but with the same basic regard that on the groundhog day is given to a handful of celebrity rodents.

Wouldn’t it be nice if for at least  one day a year we could all be regarded as being at least as worthy of being listened to as a “furry critter who likes to bite”.

celebrate the rodent, indeed!

by: kevin the gerbil


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and groundhogs …

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