Dr Gabor Mate- the Hidden Costs of Stress on Health

gabormate hidden costs
Interview on TVO – Alan Gregg talks with Dr Gabor Maté

talking about his book…

When the Body Says No – the cost of hidden stress

He talks about about the stress-emotion connection and the stress- immune connection – how our immune system and emotional system affect each other.

For example,  how suppressing anger results in supressing our immune system and over time leading to greater susceptibulity to illnesses like cancer, auto-imune diseases, heart disease.

How we need to look at ilness as not having single cause but multifactoral, stress is a  major factor in – affecting the ability of the immune system to resist.

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6 Responses to Dr Gabor Mate- the Hidden Costs of Stress on Health

  1. Rambling Man of ALS says:

    Reblogged this on Rambling Man of ALS and commented:
    How long before medicine is willing to listen to Dr. Gabor Mate’.


    • Hey Rambling Man of ALS, welcome.
      good question. I heard Dr Mate at the excellent child development and learning conference in April. Amongst many other things he said I remember he shared how he finds medical audiences frustrating – not because they are critical and ready to challenge what he’s saying, he’s ready for that he’s confident the evidence is clear- but because he finds they just don’t want to engage.


    • Rambling Man of ALS says:

      If God knew me before I was born, Dr. Mate might have known me before ALS.


  2. Bruce says:

    Watched this with a few other people last week. Each of us finding Dr Mate’s insights truly enlightening. Thanks for the wide perspective on recovery your site offers.


    • Hi Bruce
      yup, from the feedback I get it seems Dr Mate speaks to what many of us intuitively know.
      And its always good to hear how you are able to share with others the stuff that we share here .
      Information can be empowering and healing…


  3. Dr. Mate is brilliant. I can so relate to what he says. Got to listen to it!!!!


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