how I tamed the voices in my head

how i tamed the voices in my head

If you hear voices it does not necessarily mean you are ill .

But it can be a real pain in the ass

and it might scare the crap out of you,

or simply leave you feeling exausted and alone.

About 400million  of us humans hear voices from time to time. 

Many who hear voices see it as a positive thing and find that their voices help them. Even difficult voices can have a positive meaning -though it can take a lot of hard work to figure it out.

Hearing voices is a normal human experience , often a response to difficult life circumstances ; and just as common as …

  • left handedness
  • living in North America
  • believing the leafs will -one day – win again.

But others around you may not hear voices and so likely won’t understand –

because they’ve likely been led to believe you’re some kind of freak, a witch or a werewolf or are a danger to yourself and others.

They might well freak their butt  on you and treat you like crap.

If that leads you to become isolated with no one to talk to, to walk beside you as you figure it out  what is going on inside  your head, in your life,  then that can lead to you becoming very ill indeed.

…but it doesn’t need to .

That’s what The Hearing Voices Movement is about. 

We are also about helping those who don’t hear voices themselves understand how they don’t need to be so scared and how freaking their butt really doesn’t help anyone – least of all themselves.

For  info about hearing voices groups; talks; seminars; staff training  workshops on hearing voices, contact…

Here’s a brilliant short movie uploaded on youtube by .

Share it with your friends and maybe especially those who want to freak their butt on you. Maybe they’ll freak a bit less and actually start to listen.

“I started hearing voices when I was a teenager. They told me I had “paranoid schizophrenia”.
I remained keen to find out about innovative treatments, and finally, at a mental health seminar, I heard a speaker talk about an approach advocated by growing numbers of mental health professionals that involves people engaging with the voices inside their head.

He was from the Hearing Voices Network and I agreed to visit him. He said I should be frank and uncompromising with the voices.

If they told me to self-harm, I should just say no!!

I took his advice, questioning them, challenging them and even cutting them off if I didn’t have time to talk to them. I’d say things like, “I’m watching TV now, I’ll talk to you later” or “Why exactly do you think I deserve it when bad things happen to me? You can’t answer that, can you?”

Sometimes I’d do it in my head; other times out loud. I began to recognise the voices as representing the negative feelings I had about myself, and that alone helped me feel less frightened of them.

It’s not that they aren’t real, but they ceased to have the power over me they did. I began to realise they couldn’t carry out their threats.

Now they bother me a lot less and, when they do, I’m in control of the conversations.

I’ll still talk out loud to them if I feel like it, even if I’m on the bus or in the street. I get some funny looks, but I don’t mind.


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We believe people can and do recover from "mental illness" - because we are living it. We believe in the power of supporting each other: learning from and with each other. You are welcome to join us..
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