Paxil Withdrawal: A Mother Speaks

Laurie York kicks butt

Here Laurie she talks to an ISEPP conference  of the experience ,  regretably all too common, that followed after her son fell ill and they sought medical advice:

10 minute exam, prescription for  drugs , seeming improvement followed by rapid decline, increased dosing,  increased weight, then chaos, changing personality; chaotic too-fast withdrawal,  crash ,  death obsessed, aggression, police, cold turkey withdrawal, crash, further diagnosis.

By now, fortunately, Laurie had learned – found real support of people who understood :  then the weaning slowly off – getting clean before healing could begin.

“It takes a long time to get off but people are getting off these drugs without long protracted effects of withdrawal”

“until you have witnessed it you cannot even imagine what it is like”

Laurie then reads an account fron a former user of her site who is now a moderator and friend – she was diagnosed and put on PAXIL at 3 months pregnant and after being born her child went through withdrawal .

These drugs do work for some – for many, many more  they can create more problems than they solve.

If you take psychiatric meds please do not just stop taking them – that can be the riskiest path of all .

The safest method has been found to be gradual – and as you can hear Laurie describe – ever more patient, very gradual reduction .

Whatever meds you take it’s a good idea to find out everything you can about them – how they work , what to expect, the side effects and safety warnings.

Check out  –  millions of people [ now 5.2 million]  each month are doing the same.


For resources on learning about, reducing, coming off medications, see…

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1 Response to Paxil Withdrawal: A Mother Speaks

  1. Oh WOW this was so powerful. All of us must become more educated when we are on these drugs. I am one of the fortunate ones, the medication helped me so much and got me to where I am today. But I am off meds with the help of my Psychiatrist tapering very slowly.
    This Mother is so strong – I admire her so much.
    Thanks Kevin for sharing this.


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