empowerment requires narrative

…another from Hugh MacLeod at gapingvoid.com

MacLeod aims his messages mostly to a business audience – with what I think are universal ideas…

So what’s this got to do with recovery?

When you’ve read his short message below, try reading the last paragraph again but when you do:  where he talks of “product” substitute “therapy”,”treatment”, “diagnosis” and you can get the same meaning in a different context.

…..and, if you’re a “therapist” even if, your product/therapy is “narative therapy” ask yourself if you really get it like Hugh does…

It’s never about the therapy

It’s never about the therapy, treatment or diagnosis:  it can only ever be about the part that it played in soemone’s  story.

Hugh MacLeod…


“Empowerment” doesn’t happen in a vacuum. Empowerment is part of a story… your story. You feel empowered depending on the context. I believe that every person needs to know, at least once before they die, that their life- with all its mess and suffering- was worth it, somehow. And how do they know that? by telling stories. By telling THEIR story…

And making it great.

When someone is using your product, don’t ask what stories are they telling about you; ask what stories they’re telling about themselves, and how you product fits into it. You’ll get a far more interesting answer.

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