Pat Deegan – people are punished for going back to work

Short clip [3mins] from a talk by Pat Deegan

“As a person begins to find the energy to say:

how can I begin to get back in my life again?”‘

…that’s where we need to eliminate social barriers because this is where the course [of a person’s recovery] is ready to begin the upward motion back into life and valued social roles …

but this is where we encounter the [limited] capacity of a society to create this ability: where bureaucratic  barriers become obstacles to the healing that’s going on . When people say things like: ‘

‘you’re on a pension you can’t possibly go back to work.’

‘well if you go back to work for every dollar you earn we’ll take one. ‘

‘oh, you can’t possibly go back to university part time.’

“somewhere in here is crucial point where we are going to make a career out of being a mental patient or we are going to get on with living

“it’s a time where social barriers collude to create the career of people mental patients .

“…and people are punished for going back to work…

we need to get rid of teh mythology that we need to  get rid of symptoms in order to get back to work”.

…  or other meaningful ways of living.

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  1. kenyatta2009 says:

    You would be amazed by the number of people in one residential program where I work who have gone back to work. Those who work most often have better outcomes than those who do not.


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