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Psychiatrists the world over await with enough symptoms to draw the attention of a prescription pad- toting colleague to find out which of their favourite diagnoses have made it through the final voting stages to get into the new version of their  Diagnostic “handbook” “- DSM 5.

Importantly, to justify their position and the hours spent thinking up new diagnoses the new version will,  like all others,  pass the critical test: it will be at least half as thick again as the preceding version.

Yet, in a symbolic move of advanced thinking and openness the APA has responded to its many critics and dropped the roman numerals in the title:  instead of DSM-V we’ll  get DSM5. How many papers and committee hours that took, who knows?

The  APA – American Psychiatric Association – meets this coming weekend in Pilladelphia to congratulate themselves for devising yet more ways to categorise humans as abnormal, disordered,  not normal ; and so offer them unlimited  membership as lifelong dependents upon the dubious benefits of their training and worldview; and the false promises and  products of the pharmaceutical industry.

They will also, likely, talk a lot of golf and compare the latest research findings on which drug company reps give out the best / most freebies.

Not everybody thinks this is good:  Not all psychiatrists and not even all members of the APA think it’s good.

Yet the APA marches on oblivious and ignorant like the emperor in the fairy tale in his new outfit.

turn up if you can and tell them: “we can see you ” 


Here’s a short video of Jim Gottstein talking about why he’s going …


You can join the movement too, either in body by going to Philly or virtually by clicking to these ….

Facebook page


Mindfreedom International

includes lots of info about the event- what it’s about, and about going to Phillidelphia.


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