TVO – Mental Health Matters

TVO series on mental health culminates with fours shows this week…two taped yesterday at Hart House, U of T.

TVO’s The Agenda has been running a regular series on mental heath the last couple of months – we’ve featured  it here. The series culminates this week with shows each evening Mon to Thur @ 8pm to 9pm.

TVO The Agenda  Monday, May 07, 8pm

Today’s Mental Illness

The Agenda examines if there is more mental illness diagnosed today, or simply more labels. Part of the Mental Health Matters series.

Recorded at Hart House, U of T  yesterday with a panel including Dr Alan Francis, Dr Kwame McKenzie and a  live audience including me and some of you.

Guess who gets the last question… and see Steve Paikin  pick up the Hammer to make a great  ending to a great conversation…

So, are people who hear voices normal?”

 see if it makes you think…

see it on your telly-telly or at…


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