uppy-downy mood-swingy kind of guy – Stephen Fry

Stephen Fry at bigthink.com

Talking about his live with ups and downs of living with mania and depression and how he sometmes stuggles but is also thankful.

“It’s who I am – I’m an uppy downy mood swingy kind of guy.”

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2 Responses to uppy-downy mood-swingy kind of guy – Stephen Fry

  1. uppy-downy mood-swingy kind of guy is so much more descriptive, humane and fun than “bipolar”… or “manic depressive”…


    • hi wednesdywalker
      i like that .
      “bipolar disorder” is after all a term invented by marketers – not scientists – to sell depakote.
      It’s dressed up as science and carefully designed to make it sound like a medical condition tha requires careful, constant vigilance an expert to maintain it within boundaries for life – effectively de-humanising it, and so, the people who live with it.
      Sometimes “science” pretends to know what only the arts can help us understand….



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