Sleep: brain rule #7

John Medina’s Brain Rules is one of my favourite books.

Except tis not just a book but  a full-on audiovisual multimedia project that’s designed using the “rules” it seeks to share with you.

12 principles for thriving and surviving at work, home and school

So you don’t even need to read the book cos he’s made it so easy that you can watch it in chunks – an easy-peasy easy-access owners guide for “anyone who is in the business development – anyone who is a leader, manager, parent, or who has a brain themselves”…. which likely includes you.

John Medina is a neuroscientist who can communicate complex ideas in simple language and, I think, he’s funny as John Cleese too – which makes it easier to get and easier to remember.

John Medina distills bundles of real science and research into a dozen simple rules-of- thumb for how to get the best out of the three and a half pounds of grey lumpy jelly fleshy octopuss without legs thing inside your head.

My personal favourite is brain rule #4 , check it out, but this week we’re focussing on sleep so we bring you…

brain rule # 7 sleep  – sleep well, think well

welcome to the nap zone

morning guy


to tired to read the book?

time for a nap.

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  1. Hilarious! Really funny + true. (Wish he had a ‘how to’ section though…)
    My favourite is #12


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