Why do we dream?

More on sleep and how we are beginning to understand what it’s about. This time dreams . From the BBC popular science show Horizon.

There are many links with and references to mental wellness:  fear, anxiety, depression, trauma, talk therapy, creativity, problem solving, and the healing power of dreams.

There’s even a segment of folks who don’t dream [much], and how that can lead to difficulties.

And there’s a few tips – like on interpreting the meaning of dreams and even how we can learn to choose and programme what we dream about .

[58 mins]


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3 Responses to Why do we dream?

  1. SO. F.N.??? says:

    “Truth is beauty and beauty is truth” Keats said of the Grecian Urn. All poets know that the urn is tangible and touchable, and Kubla Khan remained unwritten because nothing more needed to be said. Shelley Mary and her husband lived and loved and the sea took Percy, Lord Byron died for Liberty and Wordsworth was left to mourn.

    All poets know as do all mystics and both are both, the one who lives on carries the dead with them. The greatest war poet was a Scots stretcher bearer who loved the freedom of the Canadian wilderness. He did not sing praise to victory or loss he carried the dead and bleeding away on a stretcher and that was his task until death. He did not seek immortality or fame he sought the company of those who lived in the wild native coer de bois, whiskey priests and tinker peddlars. The west was never won here only lost and the bones of dinosaurs now fill the air and poison our children.

    This is not just history , literature, psychology or sociology, this is geology physics and chemistry.

    Some don’t like the way the Indian wife dances she has many arms. Careful PILGRIMS she dances with an Irish giants with feet of stone. Whatever your tradition the priest will always show up at the end or maybe as a Doctor or a nurse. Which nursery rhyme do you wish to here when your breath awaits the wind?

    I will sing an ancient Irish story of a place called DUB Lain the black pool where the blood of our dead has congealed and pooled. I will sing the song of where love lies bleeding in residential schools, concentration camps and the west county of cork where our children and mothers ate grass to live or maybe maybe something else. You don’t need to know the end because one of us will sing it to you, only you will decide what key that song will be sung in… because only the lost ones and the roma indigenous and indignant know the answer and we cannot tell, we can only show. Fear the witches and werewolves devils and dragons because they are the masters of your dreams and your imaginations. Do not fear the poets we know nothing.

    what’s the difference between sarcasm and irony? The zero in Irony is infinite. Sarcasm is only funny if it is done with an ironic tone?
    LOve peace and Freedom are always precious.

    “some men fight for money some for gold”
    warrior men and women fight for what the greedy stole
    charity is only charitable when freely given
    difficult job???

    Try being a stretcher bearer like Hemmingway or our own Sam Mcgee who loved the north.
    Daniel O’Connell was a man of his word the last time I heard

    don’t axe me why, I’m am saxon but I always reveal what I am carrying in the presence of acceptance.


    Seamus Finngael O’reilly


  2. Christopher Robbin Hudson says:

    We dream per chance to sleep??? Or was it the other way around.
    Forced psychiatry is a nightmare that is for sure
    C R H-Block


  3. This was really fascinating – especially the differences between REM and non-REM dreams. Can’t wait to try working on my dreams tonight 🙂


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